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So to cover the risk of total loss, your lender requires that you carry comprehensive and collision insurance, over and above the minimum liability insurance required by your state. That means that about 40% of your insurance premium is going to cover the risk of a damaged or stolen vehicle. Ka-ching! It costs a lot more to repair todays cars. If you added up the parts on a $25,000 car, the Alliance of American Insurers estimates the tally would come to $68,000. No wonder, insurance companies often elect to total a car thats been in a severe accident rather than foot the repair bill. Ka-ching! Anyone who has ever forked over $200 – $300 for a broken headlamp is well aware that even minor fender benders can mean big repair bills. Multipart assemblies and plastic materials used in modern cars can be easily damaged and are sometimes impossible to repair.

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(WGEM) –Jacksonville’s loss is Western Illinois’ gain. All-State guard Olivia Kaufmann officially became the newest member of the Leatherneck women’s basketball program at a ceremony held at Jacksonville High School Thursday afternoon. Kaufmann comes to Macomb after setting Jacksonville’s all-time scoring record with more than 2,100career points while breaking program benchmarks in three-point field goals and assists. Western head coach JD Gravina feels his squad just got a whole lot better. “Olivia can flat out score which we love about her. She can shoot it deep, has almost unlimited range, she’s a good passer, and she can attack the basket. I also think Olivia has a lot of potential defensively,” Gravina said. “She’s just a good athlete (and) she comes from a good athletic family. I think as she adjusts to playing man-to-man defense at the Division I level she’s going to be a really nice player for us.” Kaufmann was the Springfield Journal-Courier Player of the Year after averaging 22.5 points and more than three assists, and three rebounds, a game last season. She’s the third recruit to sign with Western for the 2016-17season. Can’t Find Something?

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Jacksonville’s Kaufmann brings scoring touch to WIU basketball – WGEM.com: Quincy News, Weather, Sports, and Radio

Home Improvement Tips To Turn You Into A Handy Person

These projects are beneficial because they can boost the value of the home. If you update your home with do it yourself projects, you will save a lot of money. Not only does home improvement often make financial sense, it can be a great way to pass the time, too. The simple suggestions that follow, can point you in the right direction.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home, hire a professional inspector to check it out. This way, you’ll be clear on what repairs or replacements need to be made. Enlisting a professional inspector who does not have a stake in the sale is a smart method of keeping things honest.

Know what style you are looking for before beginning any type of home improvement. The decorating style that you choose should serve as the catalyst for your project. Without a plan, you can easily end up with mixed styles. Fixing mistakes is always more costly than doing things correctly the first time.

Putting weatherstripping in your home will ensure that you will have a better energy footing. With the materials available at most hardware stores, this is a very easy and inexpensive change you can make to your home that will have a lasting impact on both your cooling and heating bills. You will also notice that your temperature in your home is easier to control now.

If your floor is squeaking, utilize construction adhesive to halt the squeaks. You will need to do the work from your basement or crawlspace, but the outcome is worth the trouble. Apply some glue to each floor joist with the aid of a caulking gun to secure them to the floor planks.

As was said before, the satisfaction and addition of value to your home from improving it cannot be overstated. With these tips, hopefully you make good decisions, get inspired, and save a bit of money as you go along.

Clients can compare free car insurance quotes by visiting http://carinsuranceshoppingsource.com/ . The website has an important database to which clients gain access in two easy steps: Completing the ZIP code. Someone’s location will help brokers track relevant plans in an area. Prices are also influenced by the area someone lives in. Completing the online form. Quotes have to be generated based on some information the client provides. These details will determine coverage expenses for each individual driver. Brokers use the same algorithm to compare quotes as agencies do. This means that every client will get accurate offers for their vehicles. The website will quickly display a list of quotes. All the quotes are selected form top agencies in the client’s area.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Get New Car Insurance Quotes in May and Stop Overpaying for Coverage! – Yahoo Finance

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