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They will bill the insurance agency. Thats the good news, because it means you dont have to worry about out-of-pocket payments for your immediate medical care. Theres typically no dispute involved at this point. Where it gets tricky is if or when there are long-term problems resulting from your auto accident personal injury. Thats why, even if youre feeling better, you should continue the full course of treatment your doctors recommends until they say youve recovered. Along the way, report any and all new pains, symptoms and resulting disabilities you experience. While youre receiving treatment, keep track of all expenses related to your injury. That can include lost wages, cost of transportation to and from your health care providers and help you need to hire to take care of chores you cant do. The insurance company won’t offer you a settlement until they are reasonably certain of your long-term medical outlook. In the meantime, do not discuss your prognosis with the claims adjuster.

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Two 14-year-olds were hospitalized with critical injures. Investigators said that the Honda Pilot the three teens were in was stolen from a Mandarin neighborhood on Saturday. It appears the car had been reported stolen about 11 hours before the crash. JSOinvestigators said it doesn’t appear alcohol was involved. They believe the teens were just joyriding. The driver, who has not been identified, was heading north on Arlington Road at a high speed at 4:20 a.m. when he attempted to turn onto Rogero Road without slowing down. The car swerved over the median and onto the side of the road, striking a concrete barrier and utility pole. At that time, police said, the car broke apart and all three occupants were thrown from the car. One died at the scene and two others were taken to UF Health Jacksonville. The two injured have since been upgraded to critical but stable conditions. Police say it’s been difficult to identify the teenagers since they are not old enough to have a driver’s license. As far as liability goes,News4jax crime analyst Gil Smith says its hard to say whether the teens’ parents could be held responsible.

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Suprising Tips For Planning Your Next Home Improvement Project

People have always been interested in making improvements to their homes. Many people add onto their house or upgrade it, while many people want to fix it up for cosmetic reasons. When are a homeowner, there is usually something waiting to be done. This following tips will not only help you estimate the difficulty of various improvements, but also tell you which projects will add the most value to your home.

When you’re trying to keep your home cool during the summer, use all the fans that you can. Ceiling fans are great for increased circulation and cooling. Using floor fans and ceiling fans will also help to lessen the energy you utilize, as you won’t need to run the air conditioner as hard. This will help you to save money.

If there are some cracks in the roof, buy a roll of tape made of aluminum. Separate its paper backing and place the sticky tape on a clean surface. This creates a surface that is waterproof covering for those cracks.

Don’t make foolish improvements. Doing something strange like an uninsulated sun room at a high northern latitude might make potential homeowners scratch their heads and hesitate to make you an offer. Only renovate in a fashion that matches your climate and works for a variety of tastes and styles.

Before you make any changes, make a plan. A concrete plan is essential if you want your project to be within your budget and completed on time. Changing your plans or adding tasks in the middle of a project can easily increase your costs and time to completion. The contractors you hire will be much more satisfied if you have a plan before starting construction and you don’t deviate from that plan.

If your door is still squeaky after trying every imaginable method to fix it, you might want to buy a new hinge. Find this component at any local hardware store. Take the old hinge off, and follow the directions to put your new one on. Then, just line up the hinge pieces and place in the pins.

Utilize old soda plastic bottles as storage vessels in the kitchen. The clear bottles will make it easy for you to see the foods that you have stored in them. You can keep them in the freezer, refrigerator or on your shelf. When you need somethings, simply remove the cap to pour out the contents.

As mentioned earlier, home improvement projects are popular due to the fact that they can increase a home’s value. Many homes have things that can be changed. When you follow these tips, you will surely find just what you need to make your home a showplace.

View photo A pile of British sterling coins is displayed in London January 16, 2007. REUTERS/Toby Melville (BRITAIN) – RTR1L9IC By Huw Jones LONDON (Reuters) – European Union insurance business written from London would shift to the continent if Britain votes to leave the bloc in a June 23 referendum on EU membership, industry groups said on Friday. Around 16 percent of London’s insurance business comes from EU countries other than Britain, or 9.6 billion pounds ($13.8 bln), the International Underwriting Association of London (IUA), Lloyd’s of London, and Fidelis Insurance said in a joint paper. France, Germany, Spain and Italy have been the main markets in Europe for London’s insurance business. Negotiating trading terms with the EU would take years if Britain were to leave, the paper said. British insurers would almost certainly have to lodge large sums of money in EU states, report to local regulators and comply with regulations that are as tough as those in the bloc, it added. “For the London market, it seems likely that, over time, EU insurance business now underwritten in London would migrate to a company within the EU.” Separately on Friday, the head of U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase (JPM.N), Jamie Dimon, told British staff that a decision by Britain to leave the European Union could mean “fewer” jobs with the bank there and more jobs in Europe. Backers of leaving the EU, or Brexit, say the move would cut the regulatory burden for British firms and, given the size of its economy, Britain could negotiate speedy and attractive trading terms with other countries. The insurers’ joint paper said at least six of the IUA’s 46 members, which are predominantly non-British companies, would reconsider the legal status of their London operations if there is a Brexit. Only four of the IUA’s members have their international head office in the British capital.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Britain’s insurance sector warns of business shift under a Brexit – Yahoo Finance


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